Learning goals


  • Basic and important elements of the Python ecosystem including Anaconda and Jupyter Lab

  • How to begin learning to code in Python

  • computers can be used to record and automate iterative tasks

  • JupyterLab and Jupyter notebooks are important tools for writing and sharing code


  • Using command line interfaces (CLIs) (Unix shell, Terminal) to navigate files and folders and write Bash commands


Day 1 begins at 09:30, however if you need extra help or have had installation issues your instructors will be available at 9:00am. The morning teaching session will conclude at 12:30, followed by the afternoon of independent exercises.

09:00 - Pre-workshop help session

Ashley Cryan, Jose Urra - 30 mins

  • Help troubleshooting installation issues or answering questions about setup

Workshop introduction

Ashley Cryan, Jose Urra - 30-45 mins

  • Icebreaker

  • Workshop structure

  • How to interact with the website and the material

Coffee break - 15 mins

Introduction to the python ecosystem

Jose Urra - 45 mins

  • Python ecosystem tools, Anaconda and Jupyter Lab

  • How to use Jupyter Lab to complete the afternoon exercises

  • How to contact us if you need help