Excercise 2

Make sure you still have the fruits list in your interpreter. Otherwise, recreate it:

>>> fruits = ['bananas','apples','strawberries']

Write in your python interpreter

>>> for i in fruits:

then press enter. then write:

>>> for i in fruits:


When we use programs and click on buttons we are basically providing instructions to the computer to do specific operations for us, from saving a file, to opening an existing file or creating new files. These are all things you can do using a GUI(Graphical User Interface) or CLI(Command Line Interface)

Comment on the following questions bellow


You can copy and paste the questions bellow in your comment box, and answer each.

  • In what ways do you think we can improve the reusability of operations or instructions we gave to the computer?

  • Can you think of different aspects that can make code more reusable ?

  • Based on these questions and your previous answers, can you define what a program, script, or piece of code means to you?