Learning goals


  • Social coding and version control

  • Overview of git and git hosting platforms

  • The role of unit testing and test driven development


  • Start contributing to code using git and github

  • Learn how to do commits and what they mean

  • Push changes to the remote repository


Day 3 begins at 09:30. The morning teaching session will conclude at 12:30, followed by the afternoon of independent exercises.

Introduction to social coding concepts

Jose Urra - 15-20 mins

  • Why use version control?

  • The basics of unit testing

  • How to write reproducible and reusable code

Group reflection and discussion on social coding

All - 15 mins

Hands on social coding with Github

Jose Urra - 1hr

  • Step 1: Set up Git configuration settings

  • Step 2: Fork the Gizmo Python challenges repository on GitHub

  • Step 3: Clone the forked copy of the Gizmo Python challenges repository to your local computer

Coffee break - 15 mins

Version control with Git (cont’d from hands on social coding with GitHub)

Ashley Cryan - 1hr

  • Step 4: Create a new branch and file

  • Step 5: Add and commit changes to local git repository

  • Step 6: Push changes to remote repository in GitHub

  • Step 7: Test your answers to Python challenges

Teaching wrap-up

Ashley Cryan, Jose Urra - 15 mins

  • How to give feedback

  • Post-workshop survey

  • How to continue learning :)