Learning goals


  • Basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming

  • The potential and benefits of automating workflows

  • How to explore datasets using powerful Python libraries


  • Using other people’s code

  • Reading and analyzing other people’s code

  • Doing simple data analysis and plotting operations with pandas, numpy and matplotlib


Day 2 begins at 09:30. The morning teaching session will conclude at 12:30, followed by the afternoon of independent exercises.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and Python code

Jose Urra - 30-45 mins

  • Briefly demonstrate what a module is and how to use it

  • Use someone else’s code to explain, discuss and understand roughly what the code does

Working with the Python console in QGIS

Ashley Cryan - 20 mins

  • Storing layer as a variable to extract information

  • Changing the style of point data displayed in QGIS

  • Simple yet powerful automation with Python scripts

Coffee break - 15 mins

Introduction to data frames in Python, working with pandas and matplotlib (libraries)

Jose Urra, Ashley Cryan - 1.5 hrs

  • Reuse the data generated in the previous demo

  • Run some analyses using pandas and create basic plots with matplotlib