Like any craft, coding requires patience, curiosity, determination, anticipation, and experimentation. When learning how to program it is crucial that you constantly experiment and test, from simple commands and code snippets(little pieces of code), to entire codebases and libraries.

Before getting started

  • Each page bellow EXERCISES DAY 2 is a big exercise, or a set of mini exercises.

  • When you finish a page please comment bellow that you are done, if someone is done before you, you can also just give a like to that participants comment.

  • These exercises require you to read and interact with the jupyter notebook to understand key concepts of programming with python.


The idea is that you go through the material with a jupyter notebook opened on the side where you explore the concepts explained interactively. Dont just read the material but instead take the time to test the code pieces written in the page, and try it on your jupyter notebook. The idea with this excercise is that you get use to use notebooks to explore libraries, code snippets(little pieces of code), and take your own notes using markdown.

  • Use the READS for this day, as a small set of manual and complementary material to get more context.

  • Dont forget to use the comments to ask for help, or discuss issues.

Good luck!!